Recommended Storage Practices





The following storage practices are recommended for SACO CONTROLS Inc. display panels. These practices apply as short-term storage of up to two (2) years.

It is recommended that the equipment be stored in a controlled environment, as follows:

Ambient Temperature:

Minimum 4°C (40°F)
Optimum 25°C (77°F)
Maximum 70°C (160°F)
Maximum Rate of Change 6°C (11°F) in 30 minutes

Humidity (non-condensing):

Minimum 20%
Optimum 50%
Maximum 80%
Maximum Rate of Change 10% in 30 minutes

The storage area should be:

Rodent- and pest-free
Equipped with a fire sensing and alarm system Equipped with a fire prevention system
Located in a key-lock-controlled area
Located in a personnel-controlled area
Kept free of all combustible material

It is further recommended that the equipment be protected from airborne dust, corrosive gases, condensation, water leaks, water accumulation, the probability of handling damage, and excessive vibration. The equipment should be stored in the non-energized state.

The location of the storage facility should be such that heavy equipment is not moved overhead (such as by crane).

Additional storage practices include:

Lifting and hoisting of all units must be accomplished by use of a platform (pallet) so that no forces are exerted on the side panels, doors or tops.
Units should be stored in the “last-in”, “first-out” manner to minimize re-handling.
All units should remain upright. If necessary to tilt when moving the unit, ensure that all unsecured parts are secured and return the unit to its upright position.

Tilting should not exceed a 10 degree inclination.
Equipment must not be dropped.
Cables should be stacked on two-inch-by-four-inch lumbar. The stack height should not exceed 3 feet.

Care must be exercised in storing and handling cables to prevent damage to terminations and to outer covering of cables. 

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