Packaging Procedures & Guidelines



The purpose of this document is to outline the general procedures and guidelines for packaging of SACO CONTROLS INC. Mosaic Mimic panel and components.


The packaging company(according to Customer Purchase Order instructions and in full agreement ) shall use this document with the Packaging & Handling guidelines in the Technical Specifications of SACO CONTROLS INC. Customer.

The packaging company uses the type of packing suitable to fulfill the requirements of Sea, Air or Land transportation (Domestic or International).

Packaging should be done in such way, but not limited to the following objectives, that are the minimum to be observed and secured:

  1. Damage prevention of goods
  2. Storage instructions are supported fully
  3. Handling is easy and flexible
  4. Identification of parts and address of final destination are clearly printed.
  5. All signs related to advertise the ways of handling the packages are clearly identify.
  6. Use of quality materials and workmanship according to Industry standards.

Supervision and workmanship shall be in accordance with the Quality Assurance polices of SACO CONTROLS INC. and its Customer. Quality packaging procedures should be assured fully during and throughout the operation.


Receiving and Inspection

1. The SACO CONTROLS INC. product shall be visually inspected to ensure that no damage has occurred during transit.

2. Any material showing signs of damage, or foreign material or objects, shall be reported to SACO CONTROLS INC. Quality Assurance immediately.

3. Depending on the size and weight of the material , the discharging shall be carried out by a forklift or crane.

4. Measures ensuring avoidance of scratches and damage to the equipment should be enforced.


Cleaning and Preservation

1. The product shall be cleaned with an appropriate tool or material to remove any foreign object.

2. No solvent or chemical of any kind shall be used during cleaning process that may damage the equipment & components.

3. The product shall be enveloped within a Marvel seal or equivalent bag with desiccant placed within. The desiccant should absorb any moisture retained within.

4. The boxes should be, as much as possible ,sealed and serve as isolating material to the equipment and components.



1. The product shall be packaged in such a way that material of crates and boxes complies with the Domestic & International standards recommendations & guidelines.

2. Special attention should be observed regarding of the Handling, Packaging & Shipping specifications of SACO CONTROLS INC. customers.

3. The lumber used in the fabrication should be new and free of knots or decay.

4. Nails shall be spiraled and driven from the wood to eliminate and diminish ,as much as possible, any protrusions from wood-based materials.

5. The material shall be packed securely for shipment in the least possible bulk.

6. Consoles, enclosures and cabinets should be bolted and/or strapped to the base of the crates to ensure the security of the equipment during transit handling.

7. Loose wire cables shall be nested and bundled to ensure minimum cubage.



1. The material to be packed shall be positioned within the crate to ensure the best weight distribution.

2. All crates shall bear the final shipping destination on two sides, tilting and shock indicators, center of gravity and all international symbols ensuring full integrity of the equipment.

3. The equipment should be blocked and braced to prevent any movement or displacement inside the crate ,and shall be protected against chafing, bending, scratches, and damages occurring during transportation and handling.

4. Any accompanying boxes should be securely braced within the crate to avoid damage to the equipment and its components.


Documents, Identifications and Markings

1. Detailed packing lists shall be placed on each of the crates and/or boxes showing weight, dimensions and exact contents for each of the crates and/or boxes.

2. All crates shall be identified with the domestic / international marking instructions and symbols. Stenciling and banding and shall be 1.0 " high minimum.

3. Marking should include but be not limited to include: destination, return address, P.O. Number, handling instructions, Net and Gross weight and any special instructions.

4. Verify and assure that the instructions for shipping labeling & identification coincide with the technical specification instructions from SACO CONTROLS INC. customers.


Crate Structure

1. The skid shall consist of a bearing member running the full length of the crate.

2. The bearing members will be joined together by tie boards to ensure easy manipulation for displacement done by forklift or crane equipment.

3. The decking shall consist of solid planking over the bearing members.

4. The primary structure and supports shall consist of stud walls joined together by a bearing top and bottom sill.

5. The roof construction shall consist of a stud lid resting on the top sill right angles to the uprights in lengthwise direction of box.

6. The entire crate should be completely enclosed with 3/8 " plywood.

7. Banding should be placed around the exterior of the crate for additional strength.

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