• Style and simplicity at its bestStyle

    SACO CONTROLS Mosaic Mimic Panels are designed in a variety of style that capture and represents fully the customized ideas and needs of customers around the world. Our control panels are manufactured using a precision die-cast zinc alloy, Zemac - corrosion-proof, lightweight, and promote simplicity whether during assembly or future modifications of the mosaic panel..
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  • Grid CutoutGrid Cutout

    The grid module may be cut to any size. Simple tooling is use. Cutouts for installation of instruments, such as meters, chart recorders; switches and so on... are made using SACO CONTROLS grid tools
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  • Variety of Support ProfilesSupport Profiles

    Various types of support profiles can be added at the rear of the front profile to add reinforcement to the front profile or to mount terminal blocks, wire ducts, electronic circuit boards or any rack-mounted equipment.
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  • Mosaic
  • Engraving
  • Flexibility
  • Intrumentation
image Manufactured from precision die-casted zinc alloy, Available in straight or curved model, Can be assembled to form any size required, Dimensions: 288x288 mm +

Standard Grid Module

12x12 matrix of 24x24 mm squares

image Self-extinguishing; Non reflective, antistatic, smooth surface; Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays; Temperature rating of 100 degrees celcius continuous and 125 degrees celcius intermittent +


High quality polycarbonate(MAKROLON)

image Typical Colors Grey and Ivory. +


According to Color Chart


Engraving the Tiles

Saco Controls constantly strive to improve all stages of the manufacturing process. Here, the tiles are engraved automatically under computer control, where the oprerator uses custom software to generate the necessary artwork.


Simple Assembly

An assembly of curved modules can allow a radius of curvature as small as four (4) meters.

No matter what size of graphic display is needed, the grid modules can be assembled to satisfy any design criterion.



High intensity LED readouts; Excellent readability even under bright ambient lighting; High precision solid-state design; LED colors available in red, green, amber and yellow; Standard DIN enclosure for panel or mosaic mounting; Various input configurations: Analog input (DC or AC); True differential input; Parallel BCD (TTL compatible)



SACO CONTROLS Inc. provides the simplest solution for monitoring and control solutions to any control room operation whether is in a Power plant, Water treatment facility, Gas Generation plant, Transport Authority or any Industrial plant. Our systems promote simplicity in assembly and facility in future modification and expansion. This allows users to make modifications on site, without any special requirements for future expansion.

From its beginning SACO CONTROLS Inc. focus has always been to understand and satisfy the needs, requirements and improve relations with each and every one of its customer's.

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image Supervision of Industrial Processes +
image Power distribution network. +
image Power generation plants and simulators +

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