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Presentation SACO CONTROLS Inc.

SACO CONTROLS Inc. provides the simplest solution for monitoring and control solutions to any control room operation whether is in a Power plant, Water treatment facility, Gas Generation plant, Transport Authority or any Industrial plant. Our systems promote simplicity in assembly and facility in future modification and expansion. This allows users to make modifications on site, without any special requirements for future expansion.

From its beginning SACO CONTROLS Inc. focus has always been to understand and satisfy the needs, requirements and improve relations with each and every one of its customer's. SACO CONTROLS Inc. is a manufacturer of graphic display panels; using a mosaic tile system and aluminum frame structure.

SACO CONTROLS customized solutions enable your operations to monitor and control your process effectively and efficiently. Our products offer a wide range of advantages; including versatility in display capabilities and modularity in component design. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow servicing every one of our customers efficiently and complying fully with their requirements and specification

SACO International
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