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Project samples of Mosaic, Photo Etch and Phenolic panels


Supervision of Industrial Processes

The mosaic mimic panels of SACO are the best choice to control and supervise from a given control room all mines operations and similar processes.

Power distribution network

This free-standing mosaic system provides a global view of the detailed power distribution data for the specific regions of the network.


Power generation plants and simulators

The mosaic mimic panel of this power generation plant allow an excellent supervision and a global control of each and every one of the involved equipments.
This simulator shows all the strategic and crucial elements that require close supervision and control.


Water treatment plants

This mosaic mimic panel fabricated with tiles 24 x 24 mm allow to represent a real image of the water treatment network with a total view of its components and the whole process showing most of the crucial operations.

Maritime Applications

SACO's mosaic mimic panels and alarm annunciators are often part of the control rooms in maritime operations.

Railway Systems

This SACO Controls system provides an overview of a complete railway system. The curved mosaic display system offers track management for railroad signaling and communication. A clear visualization is presented even for the most complex operations. Tracks and crossings can be fully or partially illuminated.


Alarm Annunciators

Multiple tiles can be placed side-by-side to achieve the desired alarm window size. No Limit exists for the number of alarm points that can be added to any system. Future modifications are effortlessly done by easily removing the tile from the front and snapping in its replacement. Annunciator logic can be either built-in or remote depending on the available space.
Add annunciation to any existing or new control panel simply by providing the required cutout. Alarms are easily visualized using the basic tile and grid components of the mosaic system. The matrix characteristic of the grid allows countless window arrangements. Its modularity promotes flexibility in expansion and design.



SACO Controls electrical wiring conforms to a tidy and organized system. Devices are wired to standard or special terminal blocks or to logic boards. Wires, channels and terminal blocks are mounted so that the rear of the panel is left unobstructed. Free access is available so that replacements and additions are easily performed. Each individual wire is tagged with wire markers at both ends to provide proper routing and facilitate wire tracking during test and maintenance.

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