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Standard Grid Module:

  • 12x12 matrix of 24x24 mm squares
  • Manufactured from precision die-casted zinc alloy
  • Available in straight or curved model
  • Can be assembled to form any size required
  • Dimensions: 288x288 mm



  • High quality polycarbonate (MAKROLON)
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Non reflective, antistatic, smooth surface
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Temperature rating of 100 degrees celcius continuous and 125 degrees celcius intermittent


Typical Colors Grey and Ivory

According to Color Chart

* Remarks : 48 mm tiles can be combined with the 24 mm system

Mounting Accessories:

Reinforcing pillars and screws with nuts can be fitted at any point on the grid matrix. They are used for the following assemblies:

  • Securing two or more grids together
  • Connecting the grids to the support frame
  • Adding extra rear supports for instruments



Supporting Framework:

Extruded aluminium profiles of various shapes and lenghts are secured together with corner or T-connectors offering maximum flexibility for future modifications. No drilling, tapping or welding is required during the assembly.

Tiles are easily removed from the front by inserting a tile remover into one side of the tile and pulling the remover which snaps out the tile. Or the tile may be pushed out from the back of the grid.
Cross-lines are effortlessly removed with the use of a grid cross-line breaker. A back and forth motion breaks the cross-line while keeping the adjacent grid juctions intact. Side and corner jumctions are easily trimmed using grid cutters to attain cutouts with straight edges. Grid cutouts are easily closed by adding a piece of grid, sized to fit the opening and secured with the use of grid junction screws and nuts.

A wide selection of input devices such as push buttons, selector switches and pilot lights, provides a complete range of control for the operator. The relocation of these devices to any location on the mosaic is quick and easy.

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