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Among the factors that make SACO CONTROLS your best choice for Mosaic Mimic, Photo-etch or Phenol panels please consider the following facts:
SACO Human Resources accumulated over 100 years of technical expertise
High product reliability and customization,
Efficient and consistent after-sales support,
Quality management system inspired by ISO 9001 standards &
Continuous product improvement
Very competitive manufacturing & design cost

SACO CONTROLS Inc. scope of supply and support includes, but is not limited to the following:
1. Mosaic ,Photo Etch, Phenol panels – grid, tiles, engraving & lettering
2. Push Buttons switches and related accessories.
3. Alarm Annunciator Systems(relay panels)
4. Digital display panel meters – Analog or BCD
5. LED Indicators –Single, Dual, Tri or Multi-color
6. Self-Standing , Wall mount or other types of Console and Enclosures
7. Manuals & technical specifications for the supplied equipment
8. Quality Assurance Management & Certification according to ISO 9001 standards

Complementing our panels, our product line includes computer interface logic boards with hardware and software capabilities adapted to each customer’s needs and technical specifications.

SACO CONTROLS Inc. Project Services include the following:

Design & Manufacturing:

a) Custom design according to customer-approved drawings and related information and detailed Bill of Materials for each component in the Mosaic, Photo Etch or Phenol panels.
b) Project schedule management for the duration of the project, including installation, start-up or commissioning services, if required by customer.
c) Autocad Engineering Drawings
d) Wiring List & Schematic
e) Design Review, Update & Modifications
f) User Manual,Technical Documentation & specifications.
g) Electronic documentation available upon request from Customer

Quality Assurance & Factory Acceptance Test Inspection Procedures (F.A.T.I.P):

a. On going inspection and quality assurance controls during fabrication of mosaic, photo etch or phenol panel components – engraving, mechanical structures , wiring, tagging and electronics
b. Testing all – mechanical & electronic - manufactured components prior to shipment.
c. Related test, data and control bench results.
d. All the components of the mosaic panel, bench work and components are submitted for approval to QA according to approved customer drawings.
e. Electronic components, sub assemblies & third party components as listed in the Bill of Materials are tested to meet the design, specification and approved customer technical specifications requirements.
f. Issuance of Compliance Certification documentation in agreement with ISO 9001 standards.

Packaging and Transportation:

a) Shipment of proposed deliverables from manufacturing site is dependant upon final Quality Assurance Approval and Customer release.
b) Crates / Boxes according to customer requirements in full agreement with Domestic & Export specifications.
c) Implementation of SACO CONTROLS Packaging & Preservation procedures.

SACO CONTROLS 3846580 CANADA Inc. 550 McCaffrey, Montreal(Qc) Canada H4T 1N1
Tel:(514) 745-0990 / Fax:(514) 335-7733