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Saco Controls constantly strive to improve all stages of the manufacturing process.
Here, the tiles are engraved automatically under computer control, where the oprerator uses custom software to generate the necessary artwork.

  1. AutoCAD Design of AutoCAD Drawings
  2. Revision of AutoCAD Design to comply with Customer specifications.
  3. Approval by SACO Quality Assurance
  4. Revision of Lettering and engraving by Arts technician.
  5. Set up of Engraving equipment
  6. Installation of mosaic grid with tiles.
  7. Start up of Engraving process
  8. Engraved tiles out to painting procedures.
  9. Check up & verification of colors.
  10. Control and verification of Lettering and engraved symbols
  11. Final painting and drying procedure.
  12. Final approval by SACO Quality Assurance.
  13. Installation onto the Mosaic panel



*The language used in the engraving is not an obstacle. Whether in a Latin, Arabic, Chinese or Slavic language we have the expertise.

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